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Sunlight Laundry Bar Regular, 250g

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Sunlight Original Laundry Bar Soap is a household essential trusted by millions of South Africans for its multipurpose stain and grease-removing power. A mild bar soap for handwashing, Sunlight Laundry Bar Soap is delicate on fabrics, stains, collars, and cuffs. It even removes grease from pots and pans, leaving a lasting shine. It's also mild and gentle for all skin types, with a pleasing fragrance. No wonder it's one of Mzansi’s best-loved brands. With a little help from the Sunlight laundry bar, household tasks become a breeze.

Sunlight laundry bar soap has been an icon in the South African market for over 120 years. Even after so long, the promise of a mild and gentle soap still stands. This soap bar is gentle and caring yet hard-working to help you keep your home and family clean and fragrant. You can trust Sunlight for stain removal power, gentle care for skin and best value for maintaining cleanliness.

How to Use

1. Soak clothing in cold or warm water, depending on the recommendation on the clothing label for the fabric type.
2. Wet the soap and apply it directly to stains, grease, and dirt.
3. Rub the fabric gently to create a lather.
4. Rinse after washing.


Customer Reviews

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Sunlight laundry bar soap

Used for years and works really well. The problem now is this soap is hard to find (Aug 31.23)

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