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Freddy Hirsch Original Dry Wors Seasoning, 1Kg

Knorr Aromat Original Seasoning, 1 Kg

Take & Bake Complete Vetkoek Premix, 800g

Bakers Romany Cream Mints

Oh boy, these did not last long. They were so delicious, just a hint of mint in the choc icing and the biscuit has a crunch to it. I put them in a plastic bag to keep them soft .. have to get more soon

Alettes rusks all Bran

delicious rusks highly recommend

Freshpak Rooibos Teas, 160
Bernadine Hodgson

Freshpak Rooibos Teas, 160

Robertson's Barbecue Spice, 1 Kg

Crosse & Blackwell Tangy Mayo

It still is unique and we have not found anything here in Canada that can compare to it. Just love it. Expensive, but totally worth it.

Great tea. Great service.

lekker soos n krekker

always great to get a taste of home

Best maize meal ever.. I don't know why I struggled before should have know of this 4 years ago... Thanks Leon for bringing home away from home...

Product wasn't good

The biscuits was old and didn't taste good. Everyone who ate it was complaining about the taste of it.

Wow, this is an amazing mixture and easy to mix together. We made vetkoek and frybread and it was simply delicious. I would buy it again snd again

Great as always

I remember the great tasting product as it was when i was a young boy.

Mrs balls chuntney

Took me straight home all I need was a smirk with that, lol

Pronutro Wheat Free Chocolate, 500g

Pronutro has been one of my longstanding favorites. However, the price of it is now higher than what I would be willing to pay. So this was unfortunately my last little sentimental purchase of Pronutro.

The best snack you'll ever have! Diabetic friendly!

I buy these fairly regularly and they are absolutely delicious. They aren't very spicy at all if that's what you are worried about, they are less spicy than Flaming Hot Cheetos or similar. They are incredibly addictive and were they any cheaper I'd probably always have them on hand!

Boerewors 2-Pack
Marlene Harker
Boerewors 2-Pack

OMGosh - so delicious and getting a free pack with my 2nd order of boerewors (South African farmer's sausage) is a bonus. Bbq or pan fry, you just cannot go wrong with this delicious sausage. I am planning another order

Great products

All items are as i remember them great tasting

Bakers Zoo Iced Vanilla Flavored Biscuits, 150g

Pronutro Strawberry, 500g
Dawid Pretorius

Great selection of products.

Loved it! I can finally eat my beetroot on Christmas day

Simba Ghost Pops, 100g
Kari Callaghan
Ghost pops

Super delicious, my husbands from SA and always loves a little taste of “home”

Pretty slow to get the order to me.

Good real gooooood

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