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Marmite Yeast Extract, 250g

Made in South Africa

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Try this Marmite Yeast Extract thinly spread on toast or a sandwich which contains B vitamins & also 100% vegetarian.

Made in south africa.

Customer Reviews

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Jan Weideman

Marmite Yeast Extract, 250g

Megon Flexmore

Marmite Yeast Extract (250 g)

Graham H
Marmite - great product - great price

Marmite disappeared from all the Victoria Supermarkets shortly after Covid hit in March 2020, I have seen just 1 replenishment since then, which quickly sold out.
This marmite is made under license in South Africa - it is great I was unable to detect any difference between this Marmite and the Marmite made in the UK. Also it is a fabulous price. The supermarkets were charging 80% of Aubergine's price for just a 125g jar. This is a double that quantity 250g jar for not much more. Very pleased. Took 2 jars, and planning on coming back to stock up with 6 more.

Chris Napper
Marmite and Aubergine

No, not a new spread, just a good combination. Excellent service, fast and reasonable shipping costs, and that taste! Yummy!

Myra Edgecombe

Marmite Yeast Extract (250 g)

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