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Handy Andy Dirt Removal & Shine Cream, 750ml

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Infuse your home with a fresh scent and shiny cleanliness thanks to the power of ammonia and micro crystals in this household cleaning cream.

Where to Use:

Handy Andy, 2 in 1 Floor Clean or is recommended for use in the kitchen, bathroom, and other household areas. Cleans multiple floor surfaces and general household hard surfaces such as baths & basins, stainless steel sinks, chrome, and tiled areas.

Directions for Use:
Handy Andy 2 in 1-floor Cleaner can be used diluted or undiluted.

For General Cleaning and Floors:
Dilute 50mL (3/5 cup) into 4 lighters of warm water.

For disinfecting: To disinfect a surface, dilute 50mL(1/5 cup) into 4 lighters of warm water, apply and leaves surfaces visibly wet for 4 minutes. For heavily solid surfaces, clean excess dirt first.

For Stubborn Dirt & Grime:
Apply undiluted onto a damp cloth and wipe the surface clean. Rinse surface clean immediately.


Made in Beautiful South Africa.


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