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Gem Squash 4-Pack, 4 Pcs.

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A pack of 4 beautiful Gem Squash. Average of 300g each (Size varies). 

A true South African heirloom squash. Rolet Gem squash is also known as Little Gem or by its Afrikaans name,' Skorsie'. This productive variety is an early producer of beautiful, round, dark green fruit that develops a tough outer skin enabling short-term storage of this awesome squash.

How does Gem Squash Grow?

Gem squash planting can be by direct planting of the seed by a mechanical planter or by hand on smaller plots. Planting of gem squash seedlings is also done by producing in seed trays in greenhouses during the last days of winter and when the weather is suitable to plant the seedlings out into the field.

Customer Reviews

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Oh I went home

Oh boy, I went home to Africa!. Cut each in half. Removed the seeds/pips. Cooked some up last year, added a dollop of butter into each half. Mixed it well. Oh my gosh as soon as it graced my lips and mouth...Heavenly, was transported back home to Africa. Simply delectable.

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