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All Gold Smooth Apricot Jam

Made in South Africa

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All Gold Super Fine Apricot Jam

About All Gold

Just as each ALL GOLD product is Crammed Full of Goodness, so too is our story! It begins with seeds that are chosen for their quality.

All Gold carefully nurtures them into delicate seedlings, which are then entrusted to our South African farmers who ensure they grow into the finest plants.

The fruits of these plants are harvested and inspected for the highest level of quality. This is why we're so proud to promise all South Africans nothing but an absolute delight. 

The ALL GOLD  legacy is one of quality and truly South African heritage. The story of the brand is very much the story of the ingredients themselves.

The “seed” was planted in 1908 when chemist John Semble brought the ‘secret’ in the unique recipe to South Africa.

The well-loved product was originally manufactured by lowering muslin bags filled with herbs and spices into pots of ripe, freshly crushed tomatoes.

The product grew and was mass-produced by 1959. In 1990, the tomato sauce process come to life for South Africans in the now-famous giant bottle commercial, which featured kids “cramming” big tomatoes into a giant ALL GOLD bottle.

The brand became a true South African icon in 2004 when it was named the No.1 Iconic Food Brand by TGI SA.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Chuck Adams

Forgot how tasty this is .. 👍🏽👍🏽

Elizabeth Strauss

Quick, perfect and correct! Nothing like SA apricot jam and real sugar beans for bean soup! Awesome job thanks Aubergine.

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