African Style Appetizers

With my heritage being South African and my wife’s being Moroccan, what a wild combo we make! Moroccan flavours’ are simply immense, with spices such as paprika, turmeric cumin, coriander, guaranteed to get your taste buds drooling, please look forward to sampling some of our authentic Moroccan style appetizers, made in store.

South Africa has many different tribes and cultures. Indians and Malaysians were brought over as slave labour and their cooking styles have been infused into South African culture. Some wonderful South African salads will be made in house, based on family recipes as well as some popular South African favourites.

Along with Southern African fare, Aubergine carries a good selection of delicious North African (Moroccan) seasonal salads, dips and appetizers made fresh in store.

Locals can look forward to periodic in house sampling of various authentic North and South African foods.